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Rhinokey® started out by raising over $100,000 on Kickstarter with the help of over 1,500+ backers

"Super quality! Been using the product for two weeks now and am surprised how much difference it makes with a normal set of keys. after having this product you don't want to go back!"
— Robin Prost
"As soon as I saw an ad for this I just had to buy this hahaha! This tool is so much better than my previously loose bundle of keys, and the titanium feels nice and warm. The light is a real lifesaver, as I always have trouble inserting keys in the dark. I just love this thing so much!!"
— Karel Schel
"I purchased this on a whim after seeing a really good video about the product. I can honestly say I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to sending these as gifts next year."
— James Aponte
"It is very convenient and comfortable for me to use, as I have many keys, which I have to use, and its design and compactness are super. I'm even considering the latter."
— Mete Cinar

Made for your keys

Organize all your keys - including tags, bike keys, and keys of various sizes - with a 4mm hole.

Different Keys Count Up Animation
0 keys organizer worldwide by our customers.
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Same key same place

Flip and grab the right key all the time quick and easy. Neatly organized in the way that makes sense to you.

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Organize & Stack

As compact as possible while still staying functional. Organize and stack your keys easily, any kind and type with a 4mm hole. Use the included packaging as a tool.

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Built-in LED Light

Can't find a keyhole in the dark? Rhinokey got you covered with a LED light, perfect for the moments when you need it.

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Made from titanium

Lightweight, corrosion resistance, and extremely strong. Used among different aerospace parts and other industrial processes.

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Flathead screwdriver

The included flathead screwdriver can be used to tighten screws, pry open a can, remove a staple, you name it.

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Bottle opener

Open any kind of bottle using the built-in bottle opener. Perfect for the outdoors.

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Tighten bolts

Tighten or loosen: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm, 14mm and 16mm bolts.

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Attach your car keys

Attach your car keys or carabine using the small ring.

Load video: Rhinokey Titanium Ruler.mp4__PID:83cd7c9d-1102-43f6-b4cb-a9fc5e64ccb5

Imperial & Metric ruler

Measure any small object with the built-in imperial and metric ruler.

Unboxing & Setup

Take a look what's inside and how to setup your Rhinokey.

How Rhinokey is made

Rhinokey is CNC machined one by one out of titanium plates.
Each unit is hand-placed and swapped in the machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 226 reviews
My Experience with Rhinokey

See my video review

Mihail R.
great idea

great idea and great materials; I did not know I need this until I saw it. It is very simple but very efficient(although one of my keys did not fit)

Chandler O.
Excellent product

I bought the Rhinokey to replace a different folding keychain, and after using it for a few weeks, can say that I would 100% buy again. Slick idea to have the box configured to make the assembly with your keys easy.. this was very fiddly and difficult with my previous keychain. I like the fact it stores keys at both ends (enabling a thinner profile), and the bottle opener has already seen a lot of use. I have a couple “non standard” shaped keys which made it a bit tricky to optimise the arrangement of keys, but worked out in the end.

Jørgensen T.
It came today

And I like it alot, it looks great,and feels very comfortable in my hand 👌, Thanks again

Daniel P.
Sehr kompakter Schlüsselbund

Finden den Schlüsselbund sehr gut verarbeitet. Die Schlüssel lassen sich sehr gut drehen und es öffnet sich auch nichts von alleine. Die Beilegscheiben könnten aus einem besseren Material sein und die kleine Lasche zum anbringen von einer Kette besser positioniert dann gäbe es volle Punktezahl.
Bin trotzdem sehr zufrieden 👍🏻


How many keys can Rhinokey hold?

Rhinokey® can hold up to 8 keys, thanks to its unique design that utilizes "Chicago Screws" to connect and organize keys. These screws have a 4mm diameter, which means they can accommodate most keyholes.

How do I organize my keys?

Rhinokey comes in a functional assembly box. Simply use the box to lay in your keys and stack them on top of eachother.

Which kind of keys fit?

All 2 mm standard keys fit. You can also included thicker keys with a plastic cover on them. Bigger car keys can be attached to the include loop at the end of your Rhinokey.

How can I attach my car keys?

If your car keys fit onto Rhinokey®, great! If not, the design includes a loophole that allows you to attach any kind of key or accessory.

What functions does Rhinokey have?

In addition to its key organizing capabilities, Rhinokey® also includes a variety of functions such as a HEX wrench, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver/pryer, ruler, and loophole. Plus, the built-in LED light provides additional functionality for those dark moments.

How does the built-in LED work?

Rhinokey® features a built-in LED light that is perfect for illuminating keyholes or dark spaces. It's easy to activate the light with the button on the top. The battery is replaceable by removing two little screws.

Can I take Rhinokey on an airplane?

Yes, Rhinokey® is designed to be TSA Carry-On Compliant.

How was Rhinokey founded?

Rhinokey started on Kickstarter ultimately raising €94.020 within 32 days, through our wonderful 1589 backers. Check the about us page!

Rhinokey goes smart

We are innovating. See our trackable, multifunctional, and compact key organizer, Rhinokey Smart.

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